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Baby Shower Invitation Etiquette

baby shower etiquette

There will be a baby shower in my life next month so I wanted to check on the modern thoughts of Baby Shower Etiquette because it has been a while since I attended a shower for a new about to be mother. There is actually a proper procedure to follow when planning the shower and who to invite and most especially, when to send those invitations out to the guests. Of course there is also very important information that should be included on those invitations to the shower.

Who should host a baby shower? It used to be that a female friend or group of friends were who held a party to “shower” the Mother-to-be with gifts that she would need for her new baby. Today, it is perfectly acceptable for sisters, mothers, mother-in-laws, or any group of friends to host the party. It still is not cool for the expectant Mom or couple to throw their own shower, though.

When should the shower be held? It is customary to hold the shower about 1 to 2 months before the baby is due to arrive. Etiquette also can be followed by having the shower after the baby comes.  If the shower is before the expected due date, the Mother-to-be has time to register her choices of items that she needs when her baby comes home.  After the baby has been born is fun because the guests get to meet that sweet little bundle of joy. Ask the expectant mother which her preference is.

What information should be included on the Baby Shower invitation? As with any event or party the simple who, what, when, and where rules fall into play when planning what information needs to be on the invitation. For a Baby Shower you should include:

  • Who & What can be on the same line: A baby shower for (expectant Mom)
  • Name the hostess or hostesses who are giving the shower
  • When is important so put the day of the week, the calendar day and the time: Saturday June 25 at 2:30 PM
  • Where: list the address of where the shower is being held
  • An RSVP line is a good idea. (You would like to know how many guests to expect). An added piece of information should be who to respond to and by when.


When should you send out the invitations? If out of town guests are invited, the proper etiquette is to send the invitations out one month before the shower is to be held. If your guests will be local, the proper time frame is no less than two to three weeks before the baby shower. This time frame allows the courtesy to the invited guests of having time to purchase a gift and to get the date set on their calendar to prevent conflicts.

There are all sorts of places that you can purchase invitations for Baby Showers. Your local card shop will have a variety of themes to choose from. The disadvantage to those are that you have to fill in the blanks of a pre-printed card. For a really special touch, you could pick an invitation from an online service like the Dotted Bow: Blush invitation at TinyPrints. Everything is printed for you and you can also order matching address labels and reply cards if you choose to. They even have a service that will mail the invitations for you and you can keep track of who has replied.

By the way, that baby shower that caused me to look up the etiquette of Baby Shower Invitations in the first place, will be for my oldest daughter. We will be showering her with gifts for her first child expected to arrive in August 2011. Now you know Grandma is so proud and excited to go to this shower! It doesn’t matter that it is grandchild number 3…Grandma has plenty of love stored up for lots of babies.

~In the cookies of life….Grandma is the chocolate chips~


  1. Donna


    I am new and nervous about a gift I was planning to give to my son at his wife’s baby shower.

    I am a first itme grandmother and am the mother of the father-to-be. Is it ok for me to give my son a labor coach bag or should that be something from my daughter-in-law the mother-to-be? I was thinking of giving him the labor coach bag at the shower. His mother-in-law and I are hosting the shower. Her gift to my son is the daddy diaper belt. If the labor coach bag is an inappropriate gift for my son from me, do you have any suggestions on what my gift can be to my son?

    Thank you

    1. Bev Owens (Post author)

      Hi Donna, thank you for stopping by. I don’t see anything wrong with you giving your son the labor coach bag as a gift. That is really quite thoughtful and useful. If you are worried that your daughter-in-law wants to give him the bag, why not just ask her if she minds?


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